Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tim Gleason deserves a medal of awesomeness

Canes lost in overtime last night to the C[r]apitals 4-3.

Before this game was played, the absolutely horrid news came out that both Erik Cole and Chad LaRose would be placed on injured reserve for lingering injuries. Much wailing and sobbing was heard from this particular blogger because that means she will likely go the whole winter break without seeing both of her favorite players in action.

But, considering that Erik Cole was playing his best hockey while fighting off a lingering injury, I can't help but be hopeful for later on.

Patrick Dwyer and Jiri Tlusty were called up to replace them, and Tlusty was effective in his first game, scoring a goal in the first period. Further continuing the trend of "interesting things happening when I am missing hockey during class", Tim Gleason blocked a puck with his face in the first as well, requiring something like 30 stitches. Being the beast that he is, he came back in the game and tied it up on a breakaway shorthanded goal for the Canes in the third period.

Unfortunately, Gleason's pure bad-assery could not stop the C[r]apitals increasingly good play and the Canes lost in overtime. But we got a point out of the whole thing, so it's not too bad.

Bad news for Michael Leighton, the goalie issues were figured out, and he was sent down to the minors, leaving Manny Legace as Cam Ward's backup.

Canes play again tonight against Ottawa. Maybe they can continue this slight upswing in play that we've seen recently?

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