Monday, December 21, 2009

A recap of the past week

So, I have posted in a while and I'm sorry, but I got sidetracked by a little thing called finals. But those are thankfully done and I now have a glorious month with nothing to do except pay attention to hockey!

So, to recap, in the week I didn't post the Canes went 2-2, which is a .500 win percentage, which is probably all we can hope that our final record will even out to at the end of the season. The games were:
A 4-2 loss to Ottawa.
A 5-3 win over the Stars. (Tuomo Ruutu hat trick in that one!)
A pathetic 6-3 loss to the Panthers.
And, to top it all off, a 3-2 win over those same Panthers this past Saturday.

A piece of news that got the Caniac Nation buzzing was the fact that the Canes are in talks to begin their season overseas next year. Supposedly the location would be Finland because of the plethora of Finns on the team. I think it's a cool idea - it would be really great for those guys to play in front of their home country fans.

That's all for now. I promise some more interesting recaps soon!

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