Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A mix of bad luck and not scoring

We just can not catch a break, can we?

Canes lost 3-2 to the C[r]apitals. Because I am now in the viewing area for Washington, I was able to catch the third period of the game.

Which, of course, meant that I missed all of the interesting bits.

The most important part that affects our team is the nasty cut that Joe Corvo received on his lower right leg. This happened after he had made scoring on Jose Theodore look easy with a nifty power play backhand earlier in the game. Corvo is expected to be out for 8-12 weeks with the injury.

This is not a good trend that the Canes have started with his whole laceration-out-for-a-bazillion-weeks-thing. Honestly, even with the massive losing streaks and poor record, I think this is the most concerning thing so far. Because you obviously don't have two separate players miss an extended amount of time if they're just simple paper cuts.

The second important part that affects the league more than us directly is Alex Ovechkin's knee-on-knee hit on Tim Gleason. Gleason was helped off, but came back later - Ovechkin was hurt on the play. AO has been suspended for two games for the reckless hit.

It's good that Gleason wasn't hurt on the play but hits like this should not be tolerated, so I think it is good that AO is feeling some repercussions.

Finally, it is absolutely pathetic that we lost this game, considering that we pretty much outplayed the C[r]apitals statistically. For example, we outshot them 16-6 in the first period. But we came out of that period down 2-1. How is this even possible?!

The next game is Saturday against Vancouver. Hopefully we can get out of that one without any injuries.

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