Sunday, December 06, 2009

Erik Cole is so AWESOME!

Canes win! Canes win! Canes win!

The Canes won 5-3 over the Canucks yesterday, largely thanks to an Erik Cole hat trick.

The Canucks opened up the scoring, but for once the Canes didn't give up immediately. Ray Whitney had a nice backhand goal to tie up the game 20 seconds later. Then in the second period, the Canes scored three goals to make it 4-1, including a strange goal that was credited to Cole, but looked like it was knocked in by one of Vancouver's own players.

Of course, then came the third period, which had been ill-fated for the Canes of late. And, they did allow the Canucks to come within one goal, which I'm sure had every Caniac just waiting for the inevitable tying goal and then loss. But, luckily for us, it didn't happen, thanks to an Erik Cole empty net goal!

Erik Cole had a hat trick! He is playing amazing right now - tearing up the wings like the Erik Cole of old. Obviously, I am thrilled about this upswing in play.

Canes had an interesting trade this week. They traded their first-round pick of this past draft Philippe Paradis for Toronto's Jiri Tlusty, a first-round draft pick back in '06. It doesn't affect either team right away, but I find it interesting that we would trade a first-rounder so soon in development.

Next game is tomorrow at Penguins. Too soon to hope for a win streak?

Erik Cole stats: 3 goals
On the season: 6 goals, 2 assists

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