Saturday, November 21, 2009

Canes win!

So, I attended my second game of the season this year, and the Canes won their second game in regulation. The last game I went to was the 7-2 romp over Florida... coincidence? I think not.

Anyways, the Canes beat the Lightning 3-1 in this one.

Some random observations in list form because paragraphs are too complicated during Thanksgiving Break:

- Yes, I do have thoughts concerning the shootout loss to the Canadiens and the shootout win against the Leafs. I also have thoughts about the current cap issue with the Canes and a few curse words concerning the injury bug this team had. No, you're not going to get them because who wants to talk semi-depressing stuff when you have a legitimate win on your hands?

- That being said, Canes have gotten points in their last five games. Infinitely better than their bazillion game losing streak. Is this the turnaround point for the team?

- Ruutu and Jokinen are awesome.

- Chad LaRose got his first goal and an assist in tonight's game. The goal was a result of him powering up the side of the ice, and it has been a long time overdue for one of my favorite forwards.

- Manny Legace made most of the stops tonight, but I didn't think he looked that great while stopping them. Cam Ward, please get healthy soon.

- Jussi Jokinen's goal was the result of what I called a "changeup". The puck, instead of coming off of Joe Corvo's stick at lightning speed, came off at an extremely slow rate and I think that's what fooled Mike Smith in net for the Lightning.

- The Canes had their ups and downs, but I actually think that they didn't play that bad. If we can sustain this current positive trend, I can't help but be optimistic for our final position. There's still three-quarters left in the season.

Just remember to tell me that if we begin to lose again.

The next game is Monday against the Stars.

Erik Cole stats (Tues): 1 assist
(Thurs): 1 goal
On the season: 2 goals, 1 assist

Chad LaRose stats (Thurs): 1 assist
(Sat): 1 goal, 1 assist
On the season: 1 goal, 5 assists

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