Thursday, November 26, 2009

Canes lose another two. Whatever.

Well, a little less than a week has passed, and we can chalk up two more losses on the road. Ho-hum, same old, same old.

The first loss was 2-0 against the Stars on Monday. Didn't listen to the game, so I don't know really much about it. Recap says that a Ray Whitney goal was called back due to the fact it was kicked over or something like that. Biggest (and worst) news of the night was the fact that Tuomo Ruutu went out with an injury, adding another player to the growing list of Canes casualties on the season.

The second loss was last night against the Ducks where the Canes lost 3-2. Eric Staal came off of the IR for this one, and he played pretty well, getting an assist in the third period.

I thought that the Canes played pretty well. Besides for some rough patches in the first period, they actually played solid hockey for once (or the Ducks were looking pretty poor... whatever). Tom Kostopoulos scored a very nice goal off due to the fact that he was square in front of the net with no one around him when Ray Whitney tossed it to him.

Unfortunately, the Canes broke down as they always seem to, allowing a goal at the very end of the second period to let Anaheim tie it up. Then came two in the third, including a game-breaker with a minute thirty left. Brandon Sutter managed to score thirty seconds later, but it wasn't enough for the Canes to win.

I'm not quite as angry at these losses as I was during the losing streak probably because I've accepted the fact that this current Canes team tends to lose a lot, and they're currently playing better while still losing.

Maybe if we get some more people healthy it'll continue to improve. Maybe winning one on the road? But that might be too much to ask. We'll have to wait to see if the Canes can pull that off, as the next game is a bout with the Thrashers tomorrow at the RBC Center.

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