Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the offseason

Let's see, what all has happened with the Canes since Friday afternoon?

On Friday, the Canes selected Philippe Paradis with their first round pick. Apparently there were something like twelve players ranked above him that were still on the board when he was picked. I guess the Canes' scouts must've had some really solid material on him - you can only hope so...

The Canes also picked five others in this year's draft, three defenseman and two wingers.

Then on Monday came some good news from the re-signing front. Jussi Jokinen signed a two year deal, gets $1.5 mil this year and $1.9 the next. I think a very good deal, especially if Jussi can carry his playoff voodoo into the regular season.

Of course, today is the beginning of free agency, which means a huge amount of deals to sift through. The most important for the Canes (and my sanity)? Erik Cole signed a two-year deal for about three mil a year. Probably would've been better for the Canes cap situation if he got a bit less - but I'm not complaining! No exile in Edmonton this year for my man Cole, thank goodness.

Also in Canes-land, no news (as of 9:03pm EST) about Chad LaRose. Is no news good news? As long as he ends up signing with the Canes, then yes.

Elsewhere around the NHL, both of the Sedins resigned with Vancouver for 5yrs/$6.1per. Marian Hossa got a crazy contract with the Blackhawks - 12 years for $5mil per. Marian Gaborik signed with the Rangers for 5yrs/$7.5per (how the heck do they still have cap room for these kind of contracts?). Going back to draft day, the Flyers shipped out their entire future for Chris Pronger.

Y'know, it's almost a good thing that the Canes are stingy with their money - that way I don't have to bother trying to justify some of these outrageous contracts.

As always, updates whenever I get them. I can't tell you how good it feels to have an internet connection and access to hockey news again.

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