Friday, June 26, 2009

Midsummer Action!

So it's the eve of my semi-annual trip to family in the middle of technological nowhere (I think I'll have access to email this time...), and of course I'm going during the most interesting part of the offseason.

Tonight and tomorrow are, of course, the 2009 NHL draft. The Canes first pick is 27th, so that means we are nowhere near involved with the Tavares/Hedman debate. My full insight on the draft is at Cycle at the Sedins, which makes me look awesome because I have mostly the same opinion as the dudes at Canes Country and also kind of makes me look like a retard because I confess that I can't keep the NHL and NFL drafts straight. But, honestly, I can't, which is why I generally only list who the Canes picked up and don't do any kind of analysis. Because analysis is severely overrated.

Then the next few days become crunch time for the Canes to sign their UFAs before they hit the open market. Unfortunately, Rutherford has said that contract negotiations are slow, so signs point to a Cole-and-LaRose-less hockey team. Which makes me want to weep tears of infinite sadness because those two are my two favorite players... argh!

Finally, July 1 (next Wednesday) is the first day of free agency, also the day I am returning. Expect either a long, rambling post or a short detail-less post towards the evening with all of the crazy happens of the most exciting day in the offseason (read: the only day with any hockey news).

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