Sunday, April 05, 2009

We're in!!!!

The Canes clinched a playoff spot with an overtime win over the Penguins last night!

Unlike other recent games, the Canes didn't look as well put together in this one, relying heavily on Cam Ward to bail them out. Luckily, Ward was up to the task, blocking 35 shots (including an Evgeni Malkin penalty shot that shouldn't have been called because he got a shot off on the powerplay - but whatever) and just generally looking spectactular.

Chad LaRose notched another one, and Anton Babchuk blasted one in overtime to win the game and the playoff berth.

YaY! It's been far too long in Carolina without a postseason - I am so looking forward to it!

Oh, and video proof that Sean Avery is a punk (if you needed it, that is). Respect for Tim Thomas just went up about five notches after that.

Next game is Tuesday against the Islanders.

Erik Cole stats: 1 assist
With the Canes: 2 goals, 9 assists
On the season: 18 goals, 20 assists

Chad LaRose stats: 1 goal
On the season: 19 goals, 12 assists

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