Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Beatdown in Raleigh

Canes stomped all over the Islanders last night, winning 9-0.

The Islanders just didn't show up for this game. They only ended up putting 12 shots on Cam Ward (versus the Canes' record 57).

I mean, I understand the Islanders being last in the league and everything... but couldn't they just try a little? Not to take away from the Canes performance in this game - they were spectactular - but the Islanders were just pathetic.

Eric Staal got a hat trick (fourth of the season) while Erik Cole and Anton Babchuk both picked up four assists. Points ahoy!

The Canes still remained tied with Philly for fourth - Philly has a game in hand for the opportunity of home-ice advantage for the second round.

Tomorrow's game is against Buffalo - I highly doubt it will as much of a rout as this one was. But I wouldn't complain if it was...

Erik Cole stats: 4 assists
With the Canes: 2 goals, 13 assists
On the season: 18 goals, 24 assists

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