Sunday, January 04, 2009


Didn't have time to post this week - wasn't near a computer and I've felt under the weather this weekend.

So it's time for a Mega-Recap-Post!

New Year's Eve the Canes beat the Thrashers 3-1 in a very sloppy game. The only reason I think the Canes won this one is because they were playing a crappy team like the Thrashers.

New Year's Day the Detroit Red Wings played the Chicago Blackhawks outside at Wrigley Field. I only saw the third period of this one, which means I really only saw Detroit whoop up on the Blackhawks - Chicago certainly lost that one. I really hope they continue to do these outdoor games - they are definitely fun to watch!

The next day the Canes beat the Blues 2-1. And, even though I attended the game, I can't remember anything important about it. Which says more about my current state of health than the game itself. But it was $1 popcorn night. So I feasted on some popcorn. Which was delicious. Especially at a dollar.

Then the day after that (aka yesterday) the Canes beat Tampa 3-2, which I also watched but can't remember a thing about now. Oh well, whatever.

If you want a laugh, (as if this meandering post wasn't enough), check out Alex Semin's "fight" against Marc Staal. I can guarantee you, my loyal readers, I can certainly throw a better punch than that nonsense...

Next game for the Canes is Tuesday against the Devils.

Chad LaRose stats (Saturday): 1 goal
On the season: 9 goals, 3 assists

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