Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Canes beat Devils

Don't look now - we's got us a winning streak!

Canes won last night against the Devils 3-2. That makes four in a row! *knock on wood*

The game was okay. It was a defensively played game - after the Canes' first goal, neither team was making much offense. I think the Devils must only win their games if they score first, with that sort of mentality.

The Devils also did a very weird thing in the third period. Down by three midway through the period on a powerplay they pulled their goalie to make the PP a 6-on-4. It worked out for them on their first goal - but I couldn't help but wonder if they do it very often and if so, how many times has it backfired on them? I guess it makes sense if you're not scoring goals and there's nothing else to lose in the game... but I know that I would prefer that the Canes not do that strategy (particularly with their track record this season on the two man advantage...)

Babchuk is doing pretty well recently. He's scored points in four of the last five games, and he's certainly putting to use that wicked shot of his. Although, in this game, he had an excellent cross-ice pass to Tuomo Ruutu for the Canes third goal.

Next Canes game is tomorrow against Florida. Maybe we can keep the streak going?

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