Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm hungry for a win. And Primanti Bros sandwich.

Canes lost in a pathetic attempt against Pittsburgh 4-1.

Now, granted, the whole game wasn't pathetic. The first period was good, the second period was the start of the decline, and the third period was a crash-and-burn-in-a-huge-mushroom-cloud sort of affair.

Kicking off the good part of the game was LaCouture mixing it up with Paul Bissonnette. And by "mixing it up" I mean getting his butt kicked. But it still was a way to get fired up at the beginning of the game.

Then Brandon Sutter got his first NHL goal off of a Brooks Orpik turnover (yes, it felt good to see Orpik look as inept as, well, our defense does...).

The second period, instead of building upon the success of the first period, the Canes just kind of skated around in circles, not actually doing anything. (Brookbank did make up for the rather lame fight in the first by getting some good shots in on Eric Godard).

Then came the third period, where the Canes just completely imploded. It started with Crosby tipping in a Malkin power play shot, and then 32 seconds later Fedotenko just waltzed through our defense and the game was 2-1.

Note to Canes: A one-goal game is NOT a comfortable lead.

Then I don't even remember the third goal, but it wasn't unexpected because the momentum was completely in the direction of Pittsburgh. And then an empty net goal was the dagger in the heart.

So, in summary, the Canes completely blew the game, not pressing offensively when they needed to and resembling Swiss cheese when they needed some defense, leaving me with a gaping hole of patheticness and a huge craving for a Primanti Bros sandwich. (Delicious sandwich... if anyone is ever anywhere near Pittsburgh, they must get one.)

Jeez, I feel like a broken record. It seems like every single game I'm begging the Canes to play a full 60 minutes. And y'know what? They never do! And y'know what? It makes them play like crap and lose!

So, please, Canes, please, actually put forth an effort in the 60 minutes against the Islanders, okay?

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