Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[Back] In Black

Well, today was the day the Canes third jerseys were revealed. (Photo gallery here!)

My overall thoughts: Could've been worse. But it could've been better.

And to make my official critique even
better, I MS Paint-ified two pictures from the above photo gallery.
The worst infraction on this jersey is the grey boxes on the bottom edge of the jersey. I really liked the edging on the original jersey - little hurricane watch signs all in a row. But taking the color out of them takes away the symbolism there - it's not a hurricane watch, just a box with another box in it.

The second infraction are the elbow stripes. They don't really do anything to enhance the jersey. They're just kind of there. (Which is actually what I said about the shoulder piping on the original jersey redesign last year... Now that I look at that post I find it very bizarre that the most comments I've gotten on a post came from an argument about Erik Cole's hair.

Then again, knowing me, I really shouldn't be too surprised at that.)

The alternate logo on the front of the jersey is different to be sure. Not bad, but something that it will take a while for me to get used to seeing.

The saving grace for this jersey is the name and number on the back. I absolutely LOVE the way the red with white edging sticks out against the black.

So, all in all, what I said in my last post still holds true. I'm not going to buy it. I'm going to use the $115 to apply to a college or two.

Or save gas for a pilgrimage to Edmonton. What-ever.

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