Thursday, September 04, 2008

The 3rd jersey better not be ugly...

It was announced today that the third jersey would be revealed on Sept 10.

I'm approaching this new jersey with caution. I love the red jerseys and I don't want to be another team with a boring main color of black. But I'm not against having an alternate - as long as it's not ugly. If it's ugly, I ain't buyin' it.

Actually if it's rather good looking, I won't buy it either. But that's from a pure monetary standpoint. And it's not from a boycotting I'm-not-falling-for-your-ploy-to-get-more-merchandising-moola standpoint either. I'd just rather use the $100 to buy gas. Or to buy about 15 minutes worth of class time at college.
I have a perfectly servicable jersey at home. Why would I buy something else? Especially when that jersey was what I was wearing when the Canes won the Cup. Take that third jersey!

Third jerseys aren't necessary. I think I'll put that down as my official stand on the topic.

Anyways, I'll stop my rambling for tonight. The training camp roster is here - hockey season is on the way!

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Hannah said...

This doesn't exactly have to do with your topic were nice enough to post on my blog, so I am posting on yours. I'm not really into hockey, but your blog is pretty awesome. :)

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