Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am ecstatic right now.

Yes, despite the rumors of a possible Jeff O'Neill return (Rutherford, what did I do to you this summer?), I am absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt ecstatic.

Why? I got my AP test scores back! Three 5s and one 4!
*collapses into hysterical giggles*
If that made no sense to you or have no idea why I'm so excited, you obviously haven't been in high school recently... or at least in the smart kid classes.

Anyways... Taking a second in the "Makes my day" category is the announcement of Opening Night. No, playing Florida isn't that interesting. But the prospect of watching hockey (and tailgating) again is! Plus, it's on a Friday! None of that crappy mid-week, have-to-rush-through-homework, be-super-tired-the-next-morning-when-you-have-to-get-up-at-some-horrendous-hour feeling this year!

And I don't think that last sentence was grammatically correct. Whatever.

Also, not necessarily making my day, but interesting all the same, is the announcement of the "Winter Ice Classic" (outdoor hockey game) being played this season at Wrigley Field with a game between Chicago and Detroit.

Wrigley Field is straight-up awesome. I saw a Cubs-Cardinals game there two years ago. My goodness, you're so close to the field! The stadium is so small compared to the new ones. I think it would be super-cool to see a hockey game there. (Or should I say super-cold? It is the Windy City for a reason...)

I really, really hope that Chicago does NOT take a page out of New York's book and tear down its historic stadium. As much as the new stadiums are packed with cool things to do (and eat!), nothing beats the atmosphere surrounding the old stadiums.

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