Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have mad MS Paint skillz. Don't deny it.

So I am going on yet another vacation, this one just as filled with college visits, baseball games, and amusement parks as the last one - but this time no family and access to cable TV! Bonus!

I would like to point out that the last time I went away, a major trade happened. (I miss you Erik!) Perhaps another trade will occur when I'm gone, this one involving a certain defenseman who is set to earn $2.2 mil this year. (Psst -
his name rhymes with Tank Parabola!)

And if that is not the best picture you've seen all day, you have no concept of art.

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Smith said...

All of the Favre nonsense lately has made me think of the satire project you did for my class. I have a favor to ask: I'd like to upload it to my class's blog to share with people OR I'd like you to upload it and allow me to link to it. (I still have a copy). The 24-hour FavreSPN coverage has been unbearable, but it's made your project even funnier and more pointed. Let me know by email or comment on my blog.