Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Yep, today's my b-day! And I already got my present - a totally awesome digital camera! And it's magenta! Which makes me really happy because now I can post pictures of random Canes related stuff, instead of just posting words poorly describing random Canes related stuff.

And, of course, as I look around there is absolutely nothing that I want to take a picture of or that I want to post to this blog about... or take a picture of and post to this blog about, so you guys will just have to wait until inspiration strikes.

In other news, if you like reading my sometimes spastic posts, you can now read my always spastic thoughts over at Twitter! Because I'm positive that you're interested in the things that flit through my mind on a second-by-second basis, including musings on both chocolate and cheese...


WufPirate said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow Leo, Ashley! Mine is on Saturday! Birthdays rock!

Ashley said...

Thanks! Happy birthday to you too!