Sunday, June 22, 2008

Draft Day recap

The NHL Draft occurred this weekend, and the Canes picked five guys altogether.

The first rounder was a guy by the name of Zach Boychuk, who is fast and a whopping 5'10". Although, according to the N&O article, he seems to have Ron Francis' approval, and that makes it fine with me.

More interesting to me is that, in the second round with Jared Staal still on the board, the Canes chose Zac Dalpe. I would've thought they might have stayed along familial lines... but it sounds like Dalpe is a steal as a mid-second rounder.

Disturbingly, the Canes only picked one defenseman... but, sometimes you just have to go with the best player on the board, no matter what the position. I guess. I don't know actually, I'm not really good with analyzing drafts. Pretty much, if the prospects pan out, good, if not, bummer.

Anyways... something that might have an impact on the Canes immediate future is one of the trades that occured during the draft. The Florida Panthers traded Olli Jokinen for two defenseman from the Phoenix Coyotes. Which makes me happy because the Panthers just seem to trade away their best players (see: Roberto Luongo), and because Jokinen was always a thorn in the Canes side - but he's no longer in our division! Haha!

And the countdown to the beginning of free agency ticks away...

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East of Here said...

No surprises on the draft board. They didn't take D-men, because they take time (years) to develop and we need help right now. And if you have to trade a forward to get a seasoned d-man, you need to restock the cabinet via the draft first.

As for Staal, he'd have been a popular pick for the fanbase, but not a logical one. JR and Ronnie wanted Boychuk or Dalpe in the first round. If Boychuk would've been gone, they'd have traded down to get Dalpe. The fact that Dalpe was still available in the second was too good to pass up. Besides, this will avoid the potential of any chemistry problems that could occur by having 2 borthers on the same team at such an early age.

My draft grade for the Canes: B-