Friday, June 20, 2008

Canes make some moves

Canes made some moves yesterday. The first one being signing Tim Gleason to a 4-year/$11 mil contract. Which is good, keeping him here when our defense is rather lacking personnel right now. I thought he really started to play well last year, and I'm glad to have him locked up for four years.

The second move of the day was trading a fifth-round pick in the 2009 draft to the Predators for the rights to sign Darcy Hordichuk. If the Canes don't sign Hordichuk by the start of the season, they'll get the Predators 5th round pick in 2010.

Not sure exactly what this does for the Canes. From the looks of Hordichuk's career stats, he's definitely a goon and not a goal-contributing forward. But, I guess we have enough of those, and we could use an enforcer to protect our stars.

So, the draft is today. Canes pick 14th in the first round.

*EDIT 10:43am* So, after I looked at Darcy Hordichuk's website (via CanesCountry) and saw some of the fight videos on there... I have come to the conclusion that if the Canes can sign this guy, they will definitely be no worse off. And games might be a little bit more entertaining.

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