Friday, April 11, 2008


*sigh* I just haven't wanted to write anything on here. I think I'm a little hockey-depressed right now...

But, I feel the only way to get over this feeling of abject loss is to power through it, so here goes:

First off - Rutherford's thinly veiled anti-Laviolette comments

My advice to you, Jim (because I know my blog is one of your number one reads...), is to power through the loss and DON'T FIRE LAVIOLETTE! Laviolette is awesome! I even wrote a post about his complete awesomeness here. (If you can call that coherent writing...)

Second - Offseason signings

Jeez... who's even up for free agency this year? Ah well, sign Samsonov, he wants to stay.

Third - The 2008 playoffs

Despite what I think should have happened, the NHL playoffs have continued to go on without the Canes present. No predictions for this season, I've decided (it's sort of too late for that, y'know?). And, who am I rooting for? Whoever is playing the C[r]apitals. Go Flyers! (Sorry, no cool graphics or Southeast Division loyalty this year...

Fourth - ...?

Yeah, no fourth. I guess three's the charm in this post.

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Susan Mo said...

I am cheering for the Flyers, too. They were my first team, so I have to be loyal now that the Canes are not a factor. Glad they won last night - one more to put the Caps out of business!