Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Awesome loss

That was one of the most spectactular losses in a while.

It was what I would call a semi-come-from-behind victory - Canes lost 3-2 in a shootout after coming back from 2-0 with less than two minutes left.

The Canes got their energy jolt from a fight between Tim Gleason and Milan Lucic. Gleason hit somebody, and Lucic took umbrage with it, so they dropped the gloves. Lucic then proceeded to try and not get hit, but sort of failed at that, and Gleason totally won that fight.

Then Ray Whitney scored with 1:03 left in the game, giving the Canes another huge boost.

Then came my man Erik Cole, taking an awesome shot that ended up in the top shelf of the net.

Sadly, the Canes seemed to lose a little bit of gas in the OT, and then couldn't pull off a goal. Then they lost in the shootout.

Despite that, this game was completely awesome. Carolina had 47 shots on goal (it was amazing that they hadn't scored before the remaining two minutes) and they played well in the game, having numerous chances throughout.

The Staal-Cole-Whitney line was absolutely stellar - full of energy all night.

Cam actually looked pretty good, the two goals he gave up were power play ones that he couldn't really do much on (especially the first one, as it managed to deflect off of Chara while he was in front of the net).

Next game is tomorrow against Atlanta, who the Canes have a 3 point lead on in the division, but they have two games in hand...

Erik Cole stats: 1 goal
On the season: 14 goals, 22 assists

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Susan Mo said...

I think all of the lines have been looking good lately. They sure were doing well when I went to the game against the Panthers last week. I just hope everyone gets well soon. The flu has been going through my office just like it has been going through the Canes locker room. I am already excited about the game Saturday - wish I was going tonight, too!