Sunday, January 06, 2008

Canes play pretty well over weekend

Two games this weekend. One win and one loss. Sounds vaguely familiar, I'd say.

First game was a 4-3 win against Atlanta.
Michael Leighton played his first regular season Canes game, and looked pretty good in it. A little shaky to start off, but he got into the groove as the night went on.
Casey Borer got his first NHL goal. I want this guy to have a permanent spot on our roster. He's looking more solid than half the vets on our defense.

Next game was a 1-0 loss against the Blues.
Didn't watch too much of this game, but apparently the Canes played pretty well, but just couldn't get anything past the Blues goalie. Surprising that Leighton got the starts in both games this weekend.

Next game is Tuesday against the Bruins.

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