Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Canes pick up Samsonov (?)

Do you ever think you're steadily going insane?

No? Oh...

Well, uh, Canes picked Sergei Samsonov off of waivers today. The thoughts that ran through my brain:

Allright! I know this guy from... somewhere... he's pretty good, right?
Oh, wait, he must be the physical defenseman we need! YaY! DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DEFENSE!
Wait, he's a right wing... YaY! Physical right wing!

Why I thought a Russian was physical is beyond me... continuing...

Wait, this guy's 5'8"?
And he only scored 4 assists in 23 games with Chicago?
And he has a $3.5 mil contract (of which the Canes will pay half)?


And that's the thought I have right now. Huh? I thought defense was the key need right now. Not a scrawny right wing who appears to have his 70-pt seasons behind him...

Well, maybe Rutherford knows what he's doing. Or maybe not...

Either way, we'll see Samsonov in Boston tonight.

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