Thursday, October 25, 2007

Canes beat Buffalo! Ha!

Canes slaughtered Buffalo last night 6-2.

The scoring opened up real fast in the first - 38 seconds in Rod Brind'Amour took the lead. Sadly, the lead didn't last long, as Buffalo tied it back up at 2:52. With Buffalo's goal, the Canes lost some of their momentum, not getting anything done on the 3 powerplays that period.

The Canes took the lead again in the second period, but Buffalo tied it up at the end of that period after the Canes took two penalties on the same shift.

Then came the totally awesome 3rd period. The Canes exploded with offense, scoring 4 goals in that period. One of them was a laser of a shot on the power play from Jeff Hamilton - who I've nicknamed the power play savior! due to the fact that, since he came, our powerplay has kicked some serious behind.

This was an awesome game. It's always nice to see the Canes score a bunch of goals against a rival like Buffalo.

Next game is tomorrow against the Canadiens - again! This is the third time in October that we've seen them - the NHL scheduler needs to be fired...

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