Sunday, October 28, 2007

A bad game and a good game

So, Canes won one and lost one this weekend, both by insane margins.

First, the 7-4 loss to Montreal:
- Canes played like crap.
- Montreal dropped 5 goals in the first due primarily to the Canes horrible penalty kill. Needless to say, Cam Ward was pulled after that period.
- The pretty much only positive was Eric Staal's penalty shot goal in the second, which infused some life into the Canes. Sadly, it was waaaay too late.

Then the 8-3 win over the Islanders.
- I saw/heard absolutely none of this game.
- Rod Brind'Amour had a hat trick!
- Erik Cole was back in action, with 3 assists and a +4 on the night.
- How the heck can the Canes play so bad and then play so good?

Next game is on Halloween against the Panthers - I sure hope we see the team that showed up on Saturday...

Erik Cole stats (Saturday): 3 assists
On the season: 3 goals, 6 assists


Susan Mo said...

That's how the Canes are!! They make you crazy with bad play, then make you elated with great play!

I am so happy for my fav Brindy. It is so rare to see him crack a smile, but even he was happy after that hat trick. Go Canes - keep it up for FL!

Ashley said...

Well, I wish they would stop with the good play/bad play. My nerves can't take it...