Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Killer articles

YaY! Hockey previews! The season really is coming! has a killer article about the Hurricanes' potential in 2007. It's primarily quotes from Erik Cole about everything, from his recovery, his hometown, and his teammates , so it's just completely awesome. He finally puts into words the oddity of the Southeastern Divison:
"The 32 games we play against our division are the most important ones we play. It may be hard to believe that in October and November but those are the games we need to win. We have weird results in our division. We struggle against Tampa Bay but Atlanta owns them. Florida had a ton of success against Tampa Bay but we spot Florida three goals and come back to beat them. It's hard to explain."
Indeed, Erik. Indeed.

Another article is on the Canes site about Cam Ward's loss of over 30 pounds in the offseason. I would think that that's going to help in this upcoming season.


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