Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Is this the last of the Secret Weapon?

No trades yesterday, but today's N&O article certainly suggests that one will happen in the near future, probably involving Niclas Wallin for another defenseman.

I don't want to see Wallin go. He's a solid defenseman - something the Canes lack - and he scores when it counts. (Hence the "Secret Weapon" moniker.)

That said, the Canes do need some help on the blueline. (Someone to help with the powerplay?... And someone who actually has both a offensive and a defensive upside? (Wow... a defenseman who can actually play defense...) Please?...)

But it would be really weird to see Wallin in a different uniform. He's so ingrained in my memory of the team, having played for the Canes since '00-'01.

Anyways... I'll post back with any updates...

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