Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Secret Weapon Strikes!

Canes win 3-2 in OT. Canes now have a 2-0 lead in the series. This game was an absolutely exciting game.
Picture this: It's tied 1-1 and it's nearing the end of the game. Everyone is anticipating overtime when -- The Devils' Scott Gomez scores with 20.7 seconds left.
The game was well played, and it's just lame that the Canes would lose like that.
But there were still 20.7 seconds left! (People actually left the arena at this point. Stupid people)
The puck is dropped, seconds go by, the puck is in the Devils end, Cam Ward is pulled for a sixth man. Then, by some amazing feat of skill and luck, Eric Staal scores with 3 seconds left.
The arena just about exploded at this point.
This is why you never leave a game early.
But the game wan't over at this point. No, there was still overtime to be played. And 3:09 into the overtime period, Niclas Wallin (the Secret Weapon) slides the puck behind Martin Brodeur to win the game.
The arena just about exploded.
But the game wasn't over... the refs were reviewing the play to see if the goal was legal... Which is when the insane sellout crowd at the RBC center begins to chant "Goal! Goal! Goal!"
If the refs had waved it off, I think there would've been a riot.
But they didn't, and the Canes won.

This game was full of energy. The Canes didn't play that great in the 1st period, but pulled it together in the last periods. The Canes now lead 2-0, but they must not get complacent. Jersey is too good of a team to be swept, and, you will remember, the Canes came back from a 2-0 deficit to Montreal last series.
It's not over yet.
But it's a helluva start.

Oh, yes, Niclas Wallin is called the "Secret Weapon" (cue Mission Impossible theme) because he tends to have the overtime winners in games - The Miracle at Montreal, a game v. Toronto, and now this one.


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