Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Disjointed Concert Review (v. 2.0)

NHL Awards are tonight. Brind'Amour's up for the Selke trophy again.

Otherwise there's not much news, but another concert review!

I went to the Tool concert last night in Winston-Salem, my first concert since the awesome show put on by the Who in November. Of course, this review might be slightly skewed by the fact that I only merely like Tool, not half-worship them like The Who.

First off, let me point out to LJVM Coliseum that an almost-strip-search to get into the frickin' building could be eliminated by metal detectors. Seriously, getting through security at that place was worse than the airport. (Especially because I had to empty out all six of my cargo pockets to prove that I didn't have anything sharp or pointy in them, and lift my pants legs to show that I didn't have some kind of sawed-off shotgun strapped to my calf, and expose my stomach to prove that I wasn't some psycho suicide bomber that had a hand-made bomb strapped to my chest. Seriously, just get some frickin' metal detectors!)

Anyways, the opening band was Melt Banana. I liken their sound to a dying squirrel trapped in an amplifier. It was that bad.

As for Tool, they were okay live. The big thing with their concerts is the huge video screens behind the bands. But, the weird thing, is that there was no picture of the band ever on the screen - it was all their video graphics stuff.
And, I swear they must've been high when they designed most of those videos. Lots of swirling colors.

The best special effect was the laser show during the last half of the concert. Totally cool. That was the only area where they excelled over the Who - Lasers! (Of course the Who don't need lasers to rock out...)

As for their actual music, it was okay. With the Who, I left the concert having a whole new level added to their music. With Tool, that only really happened with the song Lateralus - everything else just was pretty much the same as it was on their albums.

No encore, either. But their songs are so long to begin with, they probably didn't need one.

Overall, it was a decent concert. Not totally awesome, but it wasn't crap either.

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