Thursday, May 10, 2007

Conference Finals Predictions

Canada advances and the USA was eliminated today in the World Championships. Eric Staal had two assists in Canada's win, and Chad LaRose had an assist and Andrew Hutchinson had a goal in America's loss.

Today also begins the Conference Finals, with Buffalo and Ottawa playing their first game tonight.

Well, with the start of a new series, we all know that means... predictions!

Last ones didn't go so well for me - a 1-for-4, batting .250. If you remember correctly, I used a random number generator to pick the serieses as well - randomizer went 1-for-4 as well.

So... here we go... Remember, if I were putting money on the games - why the heck are you looking here for advice? - I would use the random.
#1 Buffalo Sabres v. #4 Ottawa Senators
I say: Ottawa in 7.
Random says: Buffalo in 5.

#1 Detroit Red Wings v. #2 Anaheim Ducks
I say: Crap... do I really have to pick? Can't they just both lose?... I suppose... Anaheim in 6.
Random says: Detroit in 6.

As for who I want to win, the answer would be none of them. But, the default is Ottawa because:
1) I hate Buffalo.
2) I hate the Red Wings.
3) I hate Buffalo.
4) I hate Chris Pronger.
5) I hate Buffalo.
6) I don't have a real problem with Ottawa.

Did I mention that I hate Buffalo? I think I did...

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