Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cam Ward signs for 3!

Actual Canes news today! Cam Ward was signed to a three-year contract today! Next season he'll be paid 2 mil, 08-09 2.5 mil, and 09-10 he'll get 3.5 mil.

Does anyone happen to know the Canes salary cap status?

Anyways, Anaheim has pulled ahead 2-0 in their series for the big shiny silver trophy with a 1-0 win last night.

I only ended up watching the first two periods. (By "watching", I mean, having the TV on while I was studying Spanish vocabulary, studying Spanish verb conjugations, comleting a stupid Spanish study packet, finishing a Chemistry assignment, working on another Chemistry assignment, and debating who my Chemistry had to bribe to get awarded Teacher of the Year.)

In other words, I was only vaguely aware of the score.

Series goes to Ottawa for Game 3. Ottawa pretty much must win, and I'd say they'd have to blow 'em out to gain some momentum.

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