Friday, April 20, 2007

A rather blunt post...

The Canes who will be playing in the World Championships are: Mike Commodore, Eric Staal, Cam Ward, Justin Williams (for team Canada) and Chad LaRose, Andrew Hutchinson, John Grahame and the best power forward evah!

A rather blunt way to begin the post, but there's nothing else to really begin with...

Ottawa won last night, thereby winning in the Pittsburgh series 4-1.
Anaheim won last night, thereby winning in the Minnesota series 4-1.
Calgary won last night, tying their series with Detroit 2-2!
And, Dallas won in overtime, bringing that series to only a 3-2 Vancouver lead.

Tonight, Buffalo and San Jose could win, and either New Jersey or Tampa will take the lead in that series. Me hopes my foster team wins.


Jake said...

Forgive my ignorance, but what is this thing that all these canes were invited to? I've never heard of it.

Ashley said...

As far as I understand, it's just a competition between national teams. Kind of like the Olympics... only it comes every year and not every four.