Thursday, April 19, 2007

Assorted News and Thoughts and Stuff

Well, the Atlanta Thrashers were the first to fall out of the playoffs last night, after being swept in the series 4-0.

I did not watch that game last night, instead having the Buffalo-Islanders game on Quondam-OLN. It was a pleasent surprise to see that John Forslund was calling the game, and it kind of made me feel at home in this strange Canes-less playoff world.

I would have rather watched the Devils-Lightning overtime game, but, sadly, it was not to be. My foster team lost on a Scott Gomez goal. The series is tied 2-2.

For tonight, three teams can be knocked out of the playoffs: the Pittsburgh Penguins, Minnesota Wild, and Dallas Stars.

On a slightly delayed note, I totally burned everyone in my fantasy hockey league - the closest person being within a mere 286 points. The cool part? Take out the "8" and guess what number you get? Exactly. Details on Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic here.

Hmm... I think that's all I had to say... No Canes news to speak of...

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