Sunday, March 11, 2007

Curse you Matt Cullen!

Canes lost 2-1 in a shootout against the Rangers today.

I will attribute the shootout woes this season to Matt Cullen leaving the Hurricanes. Coincidentally, Matt Cullen was the player who scored the winning shootout goal for the Rangers.

The Canes have not won any games that went into shootouts this entire year.

The game was well played, I thought. I thought the Canes had a bit of an edge in the second - the other periods seemed even.

Cam Ward left the game in the second period with a laceration above his left knee. He got 11 stitches according to the NBC guys. (I actually liked NBC's broadcast of the game... it didn't seem like they were favoring one team over the other for once.) John Grahame came in and played pretty good for having no warmup whatsoever. He made a few mistakes at the beginning - but none that turned into goals for New York, thankfully.

Justin Williams got the only goal for the Canes.

The next game is at home against the Florida Panthers.

And... for all of those who follow college basketball: the UNC Tar Heels won the ACC Tournament over NC State today. Go Heels!

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