Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Big Night on the East Coast

Canes play Toronto tonight.

Currently, Toronto is only two points behind us in the playoff race (we're still in 8th!), making this game magnified for both teams. Especially because all the other teams in the Eastern Conference playoff race are playing tonight.

Good news for those fighting with the Islanders for a spot (we're tied with them): Rick DiPietro, their goaltender, will be out indefinitely due to the effects of a concussion.
I believe the TSN article put it in the best words:

"The New York Islanders' playoff hopes have suffered a significant blow."
I think that that's due to the fact that their backup, Mike Dunham, is 4-8-3 compared to DiPietro's 32-19-9. Yikes.


WufPirate said...

Well put Ash!

Care to trade links?

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Ashley said...

Sure! As soon as I'm able to wrangle Blogger's layout into submission, it'll be there.