Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Canes win!

Canes won 2-1 over the Los Angeles Kings.

Not a very offensive-heavy game, but it's a win, so I'll take it. The Canes are currently 7th in the East, 1 point behind Tampa, 2 points behind Ottawa and Pittsburgh, and only 4 points behind Atlanta. On the other hand, Montreal is only behind by one, the Islanders and Toronto by two. In other words, any win is cushion against the guys below, and gain on the guys above.

Ray Whitney and Scott Walker scored for the Canes.

Joe Vasicek didn't seem too bad, actually, with a +1 and an assist in 15 minutes of play.
Speaking of good play, Tanabe actually had 2 assists on the night... Might he be getting better?...

Not really much else to say... defensive games tend to be boring...

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