Thursday, January 04, 2007

Canes play tonight.

Canes play the Coyotes tonight.
For the game, the Hurricanes have recalled Ryan Bayda on an emergency basis, as Cory Stillman is out with an upper-body injury.

At one time I would have said that the Canes should be able to beat the Coyotes, seeing as they're in 13th place in the West and have a -30 goal differential.
But then I realize that this is the Carolina Hurricanes - the team that beat Anaheim one night and lost to Philadelphia the next. And that this Phoenix team is on a 3 game winning streak.
Therefore, I conclude: nothing is ever certain in the world of hockey. Which is why I will say that, while I think the Canes should win, it will not necessarily happen. And, with the way things go around here, if I say the Canes will win, they'll lose by 5.
So I will just keep my mouth shut.

Meanwhile... Kansas City's bid for the Penguins was released and Mario Lemieux said that we'll know in 30 days whether or not they'll accept the offer.
I hope they don't move. After all, what is the NHL if a team doesn't play in the Igloo?

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