Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bad articles and bad schedules

Canes play C[r]apitals tonight.

Yeah... woke up bright and early this morning, read the news and found this gem in the Durham Herald-Sun article about the Canes game:
Atlanta currently leads the Hurricanes for five points for the division title and automatic first-round playoff bye.
First round bye? I wish. Sounds like someone has been watching too much NFL football...

Anways... there's not much else right now. Canes lead Washington by 10 in the standings, so this game isn't as important as it could be. Although, if the Canes were to lose all 3 games against the C[r]apitals that they play in the next 10 days, that lead would decrease significantly. (3 games against the same team in 10 days? Whoever schedules NHL games should be fired. You'd think that the scheduler would spread 8 games throughout the schedule, instead of clumping all the division matchups near the end of the season. But I suppose that that would just make too much sense.)

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