Wednesday, January 24, 2007

All-Star stuffs

Well, I did manage to watch most of the All-Star festivities last night.

First of all, the East Youngstars beat the West Youngstars 9-8. Interesting to watch, as the game was all 4-on-4 offense. I felt sorry for the goalies, though, seeing as they faced a lot of shots and got no defense in front of them whatsoever.

Then came the skills competiton. This part was kind of cool to watch, because you realize that if you were out there trying this stuff, you'd probably hurt yourself.
Eric Staal started the Canes representation off with a 4th place in the Fastest Skater contest with a time of 14:50.
Then, he was denied a goal in the shootout competition by Marty Turco. (What else is new?)
Justin Williams scored a goal on his shot. (Why can't he come through in the regular season? The Hurricanes are 0-for-4 in the shootout, and I think that those games count a lot more than the All-Star Game.)
Eric Staal then knocked down 4 targets in 5 shots in the Accuracy competition (tied for first).
Then... well, I stopped watching after that, but the East won 15-11.

The All-Star Game is tonight. Thankfully it doesn't count for home-field advantage in the playoffs like some lesser sports.

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