Saturday, December 02, 2006

Canes play Boston tonight

Canes play Boston tonight.
It would be a perfect night to join the ranks of the Live-bloggers (blogging about a game while it is going on) because I have the computer to myself, but the game is not on TV tonight.
Which may be a good thing, as my live-blog would look like this:

7:01 - Look! Erik Cole is on the ice!
7:02 - Stupid refs. But, Cole is out on the penalty kill! It's all good...
7:03 - Hey, Cole touched the puck! Go Cole!

Anyways... the Canes will honor Brind'Amour's 1000th point on the game against Anaheim.
John LeClair is now an AHLer.
UNC is victorious over Kentucky.
And... that's about it.

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