Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One More Day!

NHL.com has an article on Eric Staal and him keeping in touch with his brothers, the Stanley Cup, and other stuffs.
NHL.com also has the upcoming milestones for players. Rod Brind'Ammour is 18 goals away from 400, 1 assist away from 600 assists, and 19 points away from 1000. Super-cool.

A lot of news concerning New Jersey today. First: Alexander Mogilny was ruled physically unfit to play, giving the Devils the ability to spend the amount of his contract above the salary cap level. (How exactly this happens, I'm not quite sure - I think this is stated in the CBA...)
Anyways, with that, the Devils were able to resign Brian Gionta.
I'd read the CBA myself to see where this is stated (and just because it'd be useful information - so when I'm talking to someone I could say "oh, but on page 22, the CBA says...", just to make me seem smarter (or a loser with nothing else to do)) but the document has 50 Articles. 50 Articles!! The United States Constitution only has 7! Something is very wrong with that.

Zdeno Chara was named the Bruins' captain.

Opening Night is tomorrow! I don't know if I can wait that long!

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