Thursday, September 14, 2006

Training Camp and Trade Rumors

Training camp started today. I believe that actual practices don't get underway until tomorrow, and the medical stuff was today. (I believe, although I can't find an article that says that directly).
With today came the news that Keith Primeau has retired, due to the fact that the doctor couldn't clear him to play because of lingering concussion symptoms. He played for the Canes back in the late 90s, and I remember liking him (I think my kid-size jersey has his name on it...) and then I remember him no longer being with the team... and I seem to remember my dad saying that he was an idiot... or something like that... hmm...
Maybe someone with a full knowledge of the early years will help me out with my elementary-school memories.
Anyways... what was I talking about? Oh yes, the Flyers named Peter Forsberg captain in his place.

There are more Jack Johnson trade rumors swirling, currently being reported by TSN. I went into it briefly before the draft this year. I will say it now that I think Jack Johnson is going to be a franchise defensemen, and I that he'll be a HUGE help to the defense, and to trade him would be almost like getting rid of Chris Pronger again. (kind of... Well, I think it'll be the trade that years from now we'll look back and say "What the heck were they thinking?", which is kind of what I go through now when I say "The Whalers actually had Pronger at one time? What the heck were they thinking?" (Of course, I wasn't paying attention at the time of that trade... I think I was in preschool))
The point of all that being, I don't want my kid to say to me "Wow, the Canes actually had Jack Johnson? What were they thinking?"
And I don't want to have to say to him (or her) "Well, there were some people who thought that Johnson was snubbing the organization because he wanted to stay in college, and the Canes needed a defenseman right then and there, so they traded him."
Then I don't want said child to say in return. "Wow... that's really stupid... trading all that talent away... Why didn't they just wait the 3 years for him to get out of college, and then if he didn't want to play, have him sit in the minors?... What's wrong with wanting to stay in college, anyway?"
Nothing, future child, nothing is wrong with finishing your education.

Am I making sense here? Or does it just sound like rambling?
To conclude (and make sense of the above mess), is that the Johnson trade might have good short-term things going for it, but, in the long term, I feel that Johnson staying with the team will make the future a whole lot brighter.

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