Wednesday, June 21, 2006

*tries to awaken from post-Stanley euphoria*

Wow... you realize that the Canes last regular-season game was on April 18? That means that some teams have been off for 64 days. The Canes have been off for 2.
Man, playing deep into June is great.
So, now that I was/am in a Stanley Cup trance, imagine my curiosity when I go to and look at the draft order, only to figure out "Draft... June 24... Holy Crap! That's this Saturday!"
So... the Canes have no first round draft choice, having traded it to St. Louis for Doug Weight's services. So, the Canes won't get anyone that's ranked that high (unless they trade - there's been rumors around that they'll trade Jack Johnson to Pittsburgh for the #2 pick which would be Jordan Staal. I feel, that if the Canes do that, they would be making a big mistake because the hard-hitting nature of Johnson is something that they need to add to their defense. But whatever.)
Anyways... the top prospects for this draft are... well, can't find anything on Google, and I'm too lazy to try something else, so, I just won't know.
Not that it matters for the Canes, as they don't have a first round pick, so they won't get one of the top prospects. (Unless they trade, but I think I went through this before. *scrolls up* Yup, already stated my thoughts on that.)

I did go to the 2004 Draft when it was in Raleigh. Man, that was fun. I remember it started raining at the Caniac Carnival beforehand, so we went to the Powerade tent where I won a long-sleeved t-shirt and a puck. Then we (we being me and my dad) went inside and got first-level seats because we had season-ticket holder priority. (I still have my ticket, and the holder they were giving out - it's hanging on my bed.)
Then the draft started, and Alexander Ovechkin was picked first. Then, I remember Bettman going to the podium and saying "There is a trade... and I think you're going to like this one." That, of course, set off the Caniacs screaming. Turns out the Canes traded down to the fourth pick so they could pick Andrew Ladd.
Then was the Phoenix Coyotes, and Wayne Gretzky went to the podium and recieved a standing ovation. I clearly remember this couple in front of us - the girl was like "Who's that?" and the guy was "You don't know who that is?!? That's Wayne Gretzky - the Great One!!" and the girl was completely lost.
We stayed for the first round, then went to the concourse to look at all the trophies (Conn Smythe, Lady Byng, etc.).
Then (I almost forgot about this!) we were walking and we came to this huge bottleneck. Turns out Ovechkin was walking there! So, we whipped out the draft guide we had recieved, and he signed the cover as he was walking by! (Wow, how did I almost forget that?)

Man, that was a really cool day. Except that was the last day of pro hockey for me for about a year. (Stupid lockout...)

So, the point to this post being... *thinks hard* um... The draft is on Saturday, and I clearly remember the 2004 draft. Yeah... I think that's the point.
*falls back into post-Stanley euphoria*

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