Saturday, September 30, 2006

One more chance to win in the preseason...

Canes lost 4-1 last night.

Here's what stuck out at me:
Commodore was by far the best player for the Canes last night. He looked absolutely solid on D, and he scored the Canes only goal on a killer shot.
Both Ward and Grahame were ok. They looked so-so in the game, both having some pretty good stops, but not looking solid yet. Grahame was kinda lame in the just-for-fun shootout at the end of the game.
Larose is really fast and just all over the ice.
Cole was physical (3 hits), but I hope he doesn't ever play defense. He let the team down defensively for two of Columbus' goals. (He still is completely awesome, though).
Walker got in a fight and totally beat on the Columbus dude. On the ice it still kinda looks as if he didn't fit in.
Carolina also didn't look too good on the power play. I swear, would it actually kill them to score on a 5-on-3?

Overall: it's preseason, and that is the upside. One more game left for the Canes to try and win...

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