Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not-Really-Random Links

I'm back from my impromptu Labor Day silence. Just didn't feel like posting, y'know? Not that I would have said anything mildly intelligent, with no hockey news going on. Not that I'm guaranteeing anything intellegent today with the hockey news (or ever, for that matter), it's just that today will be slightly more coherent.
I think.

Today the Malkin saga ends - he signed with Pittsburgh. So that means the Penguins have both Crosby and him. Yay. Perhaps, this means that the Pens will finally benefit from their several 1st overall picks, and move away from the bottom of the league. I forsee their spot at the bottom being filled by... the C[r]apitals. No, I take that back, the Chicago Blackhawks. (Washington has Ovechkin, which will propel them to... second-to-last in the NHL.)

Saku Koivu's eye is still not well.

The Network-That-Shall-Soon-Change-It's-Name-From-An-Ok-Name-To-A-Lame-One (OLN) has reached 70 mil homes. I'm not sure if I care or not.

The Crocodile Hunter died. That I do care about.

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