Thursday, August 03, 2006

To do list

This post is up here for mainly my reference - writing things down tends to get them done. This is my to do list for the rest of the summer - school starts on the 25th, and I still have stuff that I wanted to get done that isn't done yet.
(I would like to add that there is no hockey/interesting news, as there has been for the majority of the summer.)

Finish summer reading assignment.

Yeah, I'm horrible about this. Then again it would help if I actually understood the book. (The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki) This is priority number 1, as the paper is due August 14th. (Why it is due before school even starts, dont ask me. That's the logic you get at public schools.)

Clean up desk.

My desk is covered in all the towels, pom-poms, etc. that we got at the Canes playoff games. It would be nice to have a workspace in my room that isn't the bed.

Finish hockey shrine

This coincides with the cleaning up of the desk. I'm going to transform the extra room into an extra room with hockey stuff. All the playoff memorabilia, including the papers printed after the Canes won, will go somewhere in that room.

Clean up extra room

Again, this goes with the completion of the hockey shrine, as it is going in the extra room.

Clean up my room

Yeah, my room's a wreck. I'm going to clean it up. Maybe even *gasp* clean out the closet.

Clean up this room

Yes, the extra computer room is a mess too. I think I might do this before I clean out my room, but it doesn't really matter. The pathetic part is that all these rooms that need cleaning are all my messes.

Things will be added and deleted as necessary. I'll keep you, my loyal readers, posted. Why? Because, like I said, things that get written down get done. And I have nothing else to post about.

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