Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hockey News! Rejoice!

Just when I was thinking that I would have to throw myself out of a window because I couldn't stand going through school without hockey...
The Canes signed David Tanabe. Not the big-name signing, but at this point I'll take any hockey news that isn't about Evgeni Malkin.
For you long-term Canes fans, you'll probably remember him from... 02? Yeah, 02-03. If I remember correctly, he wasn't too bad. Not spectactular, but he'll probably be a good addition to a defensive line that looks... ok?... mediocre?... depending on recovery from injuries.

An interesting note. At the end of the TSN article about the acquisition it says this:
Carolina is also believed to be inching towards signing free agent forward Brad Isbister.
Now, I have no idea who this guy is... lemme look...
Ok... according to TSN's player page he:
Has a nose for the front of the net. Possesses a tremendous physical package and plenty of untapped offensive potential.
Needs to be more creative on offense. Must avoid extensive time in the penalty box. Takes far too many shifts (nights) off.
And his career potential is:
Third line winger.
All this tells me is this may be a possible replacement for Stillman that I've never heard of. But it's not abnormal to not recognize someone who has never played for the Canes, or led the league in scoring.
If TSN is right - and they are most of the time - maybe I'll have hockey news tomorrow too!

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