Wednesday, August 30, 2006

2 Items of Hockey News!

I think I might pass out or something. After a hockey-news-less summer, where I was pretty much scraping the bottom, today we have TWO hockey items!

The first item is: FSN released it's TV schedule for the Canes today. 55 out of 82 games - not too shabby. And 34 out of 41 road games. That's 67% of the season, and 82% of road games. Subtract the national networks, and you get 72% of the whole season on FSN, and 94% of the road games are on FSN. Altogether, 74% of the Canes games are on some form of television. Which I guess is normal, but I don't really know. But it's cool to create your own stats.

The second item is: As mentioned yesterday, the Canes did sign Brad Isbister. It'll pay him $600,000 at the NHL level, and $95,000 in the AHL. A quote:
"Brad adds size and depth to our corps of forwards," said Rutherford. "His NHL experience will be an asset to our organization this season."
If he'll be "an asset", why is his contract a two-way contract? Hmm...

Well, it looks as though the Canes are attempting to improve the team by signing people - even if they don't appear to be the biggest talent. I guess we'll see how all this turns out at the end of the season.
Speaking of the season... 35 days remain til Opening Night!

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