Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Microwave Remembrance Day

Today I had to say goodbye to a special friend. The 22-year old microwave that was resident in the kitchen.
Yes, while cooking the carrots for our lunch, my mom remarked on how the Sharp Carousel II was making a loud droning noise - louder than normal. I dismissed it... until I smelled the nasty smell of burning electronics. Yes, that was the sign that the time of the 1980's era microwave was over.
The microwave was my friend. No matter what I put in it, it cooked it thoroughly without burning the food - as long as the dishes were microwave-safe. It cooked many a good meal for me - unlike the stupid toaster. Seriously, everything I put in that toaster burns. Someone else will put the same food in on the same setting and it'll turn out fine, but me? No way. I am toaster-incompatiable.
Yes, the microwave was my favorite kitchen appliance. Pizza? In the microwave. Pasta? Nuke it. Shrimp-fried rice? Microwave time! Popcorn? The microwave. Leftovers of unknown origin? The microwave came through with them all.
Now I am fearful of what I will eat. The microwave inabled me to cook my own food - without it? Hello, snackcakes. Goodbye, Stouffer's microwave mac & cheese. Goodbye, warm food! Hello, pre-packaged salads!
I am now in mourning of the bestest kitchen appliance I ever knew. The Sharp Carousel II. It was one of the first microwaves with a spinning dish on the inside. One of the last without digital pushpads that crap out after 5 years. And now it is gone...
I declare that today, July 19, be Microwave Remembrance Day, for all those microwaves that heat our food for us everyday, and those that have passed on.
And now for a moment of silence...
Goodbye, Sharp Carousel II. You served us well.

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